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Preguntas frecuentes

Listado de preguntas y respuestas que pueden servirte para tu visita a OXO Museo del Videojuego


What can I find and do at OXO?

At OXO you will enjoy and discover video games like never before. You can attend an immersive 3D experience, learn about the history of video games from their beginnings, play on incredible systems and classic games or learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Do I have to be a video game lover to enjoy OXO?

Of course not! You will find a completely mind-blowing world: immersive experiences, incredible objects, art installations and above all, discover what video games are all about. 

How can I get a ticket to visit OXO?

You can purchase your OXO ticket electronically here and at the museum's ticket offices during opening hours. We recommend buying them in advance to guarantee access and avoid unnecessary waiting.

What are the museum’s opening hours? / when is it open?

-Lunes a jueves de 11:00 a 21:00 

-Viernes de 11:00 a 22:00 

-Sábado de 10:00 a 22:00

-Domingo de 10:00 a 21:00

No tengo tarjeta de crédito para comprar las entradas ¿Puedo pagar en efectivo?

Yes, you can pay with cash directly at the OXO ticket office.

How can I choose the day of my visit?

On the website you can choose the day and time to visit the museum.

What is the estimated duration of the visit?

With your ticket you will have access to the entire museum for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Are there any reduced rates?

Si. Tenemos descuentos para niños menores de 13,  entrada senior para mayores de 65 años y precio reducido para personas con discapacidad (obligatorio justificar en el acceso). También disponemos de un Pack Familiar válido para 4 personas (2 adultos y 2 niños menores de 13 años). 

Do children have free admission to the museum?

Los niños menores de 6 años no pagan entrada.

¿Existe un día específico para visitar el museo de forma gratuita?
¡Disfruta de la cultura los domingos por la noche en OXO Museo! A partir de las 20:30, las entradas adquiridas a través de nuestra página web serán gratuitas para las tres últimas sesiones. Además, en fechas especiales como el 28 de febrero (Día de Andalucía), 18 de mayo (Día Internacional de los Museos) y 27 de septiembre (Día Mundial del Turismo), la entrada también será gratuita con visitas guiadas de 45 minutos para un grupo reducido de personas donde descubrirás todos los secretos que esconde OXO Museo del Videojuego. Las entradas se asignarán según orden de llegada a través de nuestra web. ¡Aprovecha esta oportunidad única!
*Sujeto a disponibilidad de aforo limitado.

Otras preguntas

What language is the museum's content in?

The official language of the museum is Spanish. All texts and information are also in English.

Do you have audio guides?

Yes, we have audio guides in Spanish and English. We will include more languages in the near future.

Are there guided tours at the Museum?

Sí, el Museo ofrece visitas guiadas con reserva previa en el e-mail: [email protected]

I am a teacher and I want to visit the museum with my class or school. How can I organize a visit?

We have customized options for groups of students. Contact us so that we can explain all the possibilities to make your visit to the museum with your students unforgettable.

Do you have a store with video game items at OXO?

In OXO you will find a store specialized in video games of all kinds as well as official merchandising of the best brands.

Do you have a store with video game items at OXO?

In OXO you will find a store specialized in video games of all kinds as well as official merchandising of the best brands.

Can I have something to eat at OXO?

Of course! at OXO we have a complete restaurant called Terraza Catedral on the top floor of the building where you can enjoy the best food and cocktails with incredible views of the center of Malaga. You can also eat in our cafeteria on OXO’s first floor.

Do I have to pay the museum entrance free to eat at Terraza Catedral?

The entrance and access to Terraza Catedral is free, you can come whenever you want, although we recommend that you make a reservation through the website

Do you organize corporate events at OXO?

Yes, contact us to book your event in a unique space.

I would like to propose a content or activity in the museum, how can I do it?

We are always interested in incorporating interesting proposals to OXO. Contact us to tell us about your idea.

Can I bring my pet into OXO?

We love pets, but in order to maintain the safety of the materials on display, we do not allow pets in OXO.

Can I enter the museum with a bike, scooter, skateboard or skateboard?

For space and security reasons we do not allow these types of vehicles to enter the museum.


I have an old computer, console or video game that I would like to donate to the museum, do you accept donations?

The museum's mission is the conservation and preservation of historical legacy. Please fill out this form so we can evaluate your proposal.

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